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ProEdit supports business communication by developing written projects, designing elearning, staffing communicators, and training writers.

We are a versatile, award-winning team of technical writers, copywriters, editors, formatters, recruiters, and trainers. We help organizations of all sizes and from all kinds of industries to tell their stories more effectively.

We’ve refined our writing and staffing processes to set the industry standard for business communication development. ProEdit uses vigorous hiring protocols, routine status reports, and quality assurance reviews to ensure that our employees and placements produce great work that fits our clients’ visions. Learn More >

Project Services

Every piece of writing that your organization produces becomes part of your story.

Tell your story better with skilled writers and editors who develop your content throughout the writing process. Choose a writing and revision schedule to manage your involvement. Projects include a quality assurance review by ProEdit editors.

The following services are a sample of our most popular projects. Clients are constantly pushing the envelope with new ideas and innovative forms of communication. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll customize a project plan. Generally, projects include writing, editing, formatting, or some combination of the three.


Writing well takes experience, knowing your audience, and understanding your purpose. Technical writers and copywriters invest time in understanding our clients’ business objectives before crafting new projects.


Editing makes writing more engaging while correcting spelling and grammar. Give editors the autonomy to revise your writing, have them focus strictly on correcting mistakes, or choose something in between.


Skilled formatting creates visually appealing documents, training materials, slideshows, websites, etc. Also, formatting automates styles and text features to boost writing efficiency and simplify upkeep over time.

Staffing Services

Discover adept business communication talent.

First, describe your business objectives for hiring new employees. We’ll build an employee profile and tap our network of tens of thousands of business communicators to develop a slate of candidates.

Next, we use a tried and rigorous interview process to find candidates who are qualified and have the right personality and temperament to succeed at your organization. Finally, you decide who to hire, and we assist with onboarding.

ProEdit recruiters recognize good communication. It’s why clients trust us to screen applicants and find the full-time, part-time, and contractor resources who make a bottom-line difference.

Staffing Case Study

An emerging provider of virtual network solutions experienced rapid growth and wanted to increase the production volume and quality of customer-facing documentation. The company asked ProEdit to find senior technical writers to collaborate with software engineers and document complex software products. ProEdit’s staffing services team found, interviewed, and recommended experts in technical writing best practices. These resources improved new and existing processes, which streamlined documentation production.

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Browse Jobs in Business Communication

ProEdit’s motto is “Putting people to work.”

We match qualified communicators with great companies. Our network includes employees and consultants in a range of industries across North America. Apply for an existing position, or create a profile to be notified about future positions that are relevant to your experience and interests.

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Elearning Development

Elearning is a great way to standardize onboarding, upgrade employee skills, and improve customer understanding. ProEdit instructional designers apply adult learning principles to develop target learning outcomes. Then, we build a complete elearning course, pausing at key steps to ensure development meets with your approval.

Elearning Options

Custom elearning takes many forms. Illustrated characters act out scenarios. Animations bring training to life. Computer-generated voiceover is easy to update over time. Live voiceover adds a human element. Branded color schemes reinforce company messaging. All of these features are available in ProEdit’s suite of computer-based training tools, including the following:

Course Analytics

Courses are built into topical modules and include assessments to evaluate how well users apply what they learn. Learning management systems (LMSs) run the elearning courses and track user progress and assessment performance. This demonstrates the program’s effectiveness.

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writing professionals listen during a ProEdit instructor-led training and coaching session in instructional design and elearning development

Instructor-Led Training

Strengthen teams of technical writers and instructional designers by developing their skills and growing their confidence.

Since our founding in 1992, ProEdit has set the mark for technical writing and instructional design. We offer instructor-led courses in both disciplines. Each course includes a discussion-oriented lecture format, workbook, and one-on-one coaching with ProEdit founder Doug Davis. These courses can standardize best practices for entire teams of technical writers and instructional designers, and many companies invite Doug to return every couple of years for a refresher course.

Technical Writing Courses

ProEdit’s three tech writing courses cover basic through advanced topics. They also include insider tips for project management and planning. Tech writing courses include the following:

Instructional Design Courses

ProEdit’s two instructional design courses cover adult learning, methodologies, deliverables, project planning, and software demos (not sponsored). Instructional design courses include the following:

ProEdit Founder and CEO Doug Davis, Lead Instructor and Consulting Coach for Technical Writing and Instructional Design Courses

Doug’s Background

When DOUG DAVIS founded ProEdit in 1992, he wanted to build a company where writing was the main thing and whose evolution would be solely based on the needs expressed by its customers. What started with turnkey projects developed into staffing services, and then instructor-led training. Facilitating technical writing and instructional design courses allows Doug to share insights gained from over 30 years as a practitioner in the industry. Teaching also gives Doug ideas for services that ProEdit should offer in the future.

Doug is honored to share his insights and expertise as lead trainer and consultant for ProEdit’s instructor-led training and coaching program.

“Doug, just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your recent training here . . . The three days of training were some of the best we have had. Your competence of the subject and enthusiasm in presenting it made it a meaningful experience. Thanks for taking your valuable time to help us fellow travelers!”

Utility company talent developer

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