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Here are 10 ways that ProEdit offers better staffing and project services:

1. Dedicated Project Coordination

ProEdit has a dedicated project coordinator to schedule all client projects, ensuring that deadlines are closely tracked.

2. Project Queues

Once projects are scheduled, ProEdit team members have their own daily project queue.

3. Quality Assurance Process

ProEdit has an industry-leading, proprietary quality assurance process that ensures quality deliverables and minimizes human error.

4. Status Reporting

ProEdit provides a weekly status report to each client project manager.

5. Customer Relationship Management

ProEdit has invested in its Salesforce.com CRM, which ensures that team members always have access to project data and contact information.

6. Training

ProEdit ensures its team members are properly trained in required tools and skills.

7. Project-Specific Training

Before a ProEdit team member begins new work on a client project, they are trained on client project specifics, including requirements and style standards. We also hold internal project retrospectives to learn from our experiences.

8. Speed and Accuracy

ProEdit’s trained editors set metric benchmarks that other editors in the industry cannot match.

9. Team Structure

ProEdit establishes specific teams for each project or phase of a project.

10. Industry Leadership and Experience

ProEdit was founded in 1992 by a veteran of the technical writing, training development, and editing industry. Our established and consistent leadership remains committed to world-class business communication.

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